Homeowners Insurance

Your house is probably your most valuable financial and emotional investment.  We can provide you with peace of mind by providing protection against fire, natural disasters, burglary, vandalism, and liability from injuries suffered on the property. In order to protect your home from financial risk, you will need adequate homeowners insurance.

Minimum Hazard Insurance

Your mortgage lender requires homebuyers to purchase a base level of “hazard” or “homeowner’s” insurance (HOI). This base level generally consists of coverage for property damage from fire, wind, hail, theft or other similar damage.

Liability Insurance

Most standard HOI policies cover personal liability for injuries to others that occur on your property. For example, if your neighbor is bitten by your dog or he is injured in a fall on your property, a liability line of your HOI would cover the cost of his medical bills and other damages, like lost wages and rehabilitation, up to the policy limit.

Personal Property Insurance

In case of theft or natural disaster, you will also want to protect the personal property in the house. Most standard lender insurance requirements do not include personal property, yet personal property such as furniture, appliances and clothing often makes up much of the value in your home.

Other Special Insurance

If you have valuable works of art or jewelry in your home, there are also policies above and beyond average personal property coverage. There are also additional policies that cover natural disasters, such as tornados, floods, earthquakes, etc., which should be considered for those living in areas prone to such events.

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